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Tenkai Knights Is a Hot Seller

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$30+ Tenkai Knights – Tenkai Titan Bravenwolf 13001

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  • Revolutionize construction play with the shapeshifting bricks of Tenkai Knights powered by the IONIX construction system!
  • Compatible with major construction brands, these bricks are like nothing you’ve seen before. Bricks that come alive,with unexpected surprises
  • Comes with a bigger, badder shapeshifting Titan Figure Brick that unlocks Bravenwolf, leader of the Corekai and legendary hero of the Tenkai Knights
  • Build him up with his armor, energy cape and shield, then unleash his shapeshifting Weapon Brick to reveal his Tenkai energy infused sword!
  • 1 Shapeshifting Titan Figure Brick, 1 Shapeshifting Weapon Brick, 39 Additional Pieces, Instruction Guide. For boys age 8+

Buy on Amazon for around $30