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Top 13 Tricks for Selling Your Home

It’s not as easy as listing your home on a classified site. You have to put in some work to get your home in tip top shape as well as come up with a strategy to help accelerate the purchase of your home. Buyers are savvy and have plenty of tools at their finger tips these day online. Here are several tips for getting the deal done.

  1. Audit your agent’s online marketing.
  2. Post a video love letter about your home on YouTube.
  3. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors.
  4. Facebook your home’s listing.
  5. Leave some good stuff behind.
  6. Beat the competition with condition.
  7. Stage the exterior of your home too.
  8. Access is essential.
  9. Get real about pricing.
  10. Get clued into your competition.
  11. De-personalize.
  12. De-clutter.
  13. Listen to your agent.

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Selling Your Home